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Players for clan MSFTR (Misfits Revenge) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
sherman255 [MSFTR]1,506049.9%0.0%27,852
kungfookitty [MSFTR]1,348052.5%0.0%6,908
Hawuuuu [MSFTR]1,2851,69450.7%51.7%6,305
sheler [MSFTR]1,2551,27050.8%48.2%61,072
Sherbud [MSFTR]1,231051.2%0.0%14,420
type3000 [MSFTR]1,275049.8%0.0%22,266
mars55 [MSFTR]1,186050.9%0.0%13,040
Dsalty2 [MSFTR]1,266050.0%0.0%30,957
Eraser_tr [MSFTR]1,12583451.1%45.8%41,757
KatsumiNikto [MSFTR]1,1031,34550.4%52.4%25,540
FastZ28 [MSFTR]1,0951,33649.0%53.3%30,403
Fuzzyvision [MSFTR]1,047049.7%0.0%30,456
browntown11 [MSFTR]1,0121,37249.2%52.5%19,783
KYFighter [MSFTR]985048.3%0.0%19,228
TROTANIUM [MSFTR]942049.5%0.0%11,003
360noscope [MSFTR]9741,25747.7%51.0%14,798
AngelonHigh [MSFTR]86766949.3%43.1%22,513
jevm [MSFTR]83270648.4%43.8%22,633
OmegaTigBitties [MSFTR]743047.5%0.0%1,041
Gomph [MSFTR]691046.1%0.0%12,606
DanTheMoldovian [MSFTR]658049.0%0.0%10,684
wetrat [MSFTR]645046.2%0.0%6,747
Fijian_warrior [MSFTR]618046.4%0.0%14,599
creid [MSFTR]62374445.3%45.3%27,811
Righthandofdoom [MSFTR]56261846.1%46.1%25,946
ozzie223 [MSFTR]420046.1%0.0%15,666
cannon_magnet [MSFTR]37056046.2%48.1%13,145
elmerfud [MSFTR]412042.9%40.8%17,247
Weighted average97756448.9%27.7%20,229
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