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Players for clan MS-W (Marder She Wrote) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Infra [MS-W]2,849068.9%0.0%2,644
ehzorg [MS-W]3,005060.3%0.0%13,003
pdash [MS-W]2,881061.4%0.0%2,179
TheBaum [MS-W]2,923058.5%0.0%15,756
Phyneas [MS-W]2,019057.9%0.0%4,897
cchriss [MS-W]2,071060.1%0.0%6,802
ragenengage [MS-W]1,965060.9%0.0%10,338
DurosKlav [MS-W]1,960056.9%0.0%7,025
Trashmob [MS-W]2,019053.1%0.0%12,732
Frendy [MS-W]1,893059.0%0.0%6,747
BuffButler [MS-W]1,907055.3%0.0%5,629
Helter [MS-W]1,630054.3%0.0%3,097
Absolut_Zero [MS-W]1,641056.9%0.0%2,564
Penetrate [MS-W]2,403055.5%0.0%182
squidflakes [MS-W]1,618053.1%0.0%9,493
Toxxin [MS-W]1,508054.8%0.0%3,210
Crewmine [MS-W]1,536054.6%0.0%3,757
mordigan [MS-W]1,509053.7%0.0%6,165
Callisto [MS-W]1,330051.0%0.0%2,074
Sile [MS-W]1,372052.4%0.0%1,738
MegaChicken [MS-W]1,112051.2%0.0%7,376
snail [MS-W]1,105052.3%0.0%4,629
uejini [MS-W]798049.0%0.0%10,341
MajorTremor [MS-W]798048.9%28.7%10,316
Weighted average1,873055.7%1.9%6,208
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