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Players for clan MMAD (Mechanized Mobile Armored Division) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
nippongamer [MMAD]1,4631,16254.9%55.1%24,602
Nuts_Dead_again [MMAD]6060100.0%0.0%3
tman12011970 [MMAD]1,362050.6%0.0%18,421
Cwadarkone [GWP]1,226049.3%0.0%31,536
MegadethNZ [MMAD]940049.9%0.0%25,912
shamytime [MMAD]939049.1%0.0%2,156
nine9ty999 [MMAD]886046.1%0.0%14,529
Ronzhd [MMAD]7961,08946.4%46.9%24,394
BEOWULFGodofWar [MMAD]795046.2%0.0%35,981
pathfiner [MMAD]7361,05848.2%48.3%62,441
ShellShocked12 [MMAD]743045.5%0.0%12,198
Heemcatcher [MMAD]712047.1%0.0%11,353
Cobra57 [MMAD]69168848.0%48.3%44,897
venomjoe [MMAD]676047.3%0.0%9,206
tura_lu_irishman [MMAD]666045.6%0.0%7,923
conman66 [MMAD]616046.6%0.0%25,608
Born_Bad [MMAD]52995847.0%51.1%10,075
PapaBear_3110 [MMAD]52774845.7%50.4%28,235
Sgt_Bash999 [MMAD]506047.2%0.0%10,297
GetItRight_Nolonewolf [MMAD]483047.9%0.0%2,142
92A [MMAD]44981845.0%52.3%39,741
gingertom [MMAD]410045.5%0.0%6,737
Old_Buck_Sergeant [MMAD]368043.3%0.0%76,688
ultimatu [MMAD]310046.7%0.0%4,018
Old_Buck_Sgt_Reprised [MMAD]262044.8%0.0%1,173
lilbird1964 [GWP]277042.1%0.0%8,676
GDAD [MMAD]267045.3%0.0%11,686
DixieThunder [MMAD]241047.0%0.0%3,660
JGS4_JAKOBY_34B [MMAD]27126242.6%37.6%28,669
ThorneSw [MMAD]18945345.0%47.8%31,357
Weighted average67541146.7%23.9%20,228
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