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Players for clan MCHNR (Machinery) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
dragon_10449 [MCHNR]2,076057.9%0.0%11,419
Vegiimite [MCHNR]2,179056.8%0.0%40,526
Jiraiya_Sage [MCHNR]2,0802,43457.0%54.3%20,693
Object_775 [MCHNR]2,038055.0%0.0%15,731
ElementsofWar [MCHNR]2,070055.5%0.0%26,814
U_S_S_R_forever [MCHNR]2,0782,14955.8%52.2%64,836
Stat_McPadding [MCHNR]2,064055.3%0.0%14,144
Grasschopper [MCHNR]1,965055.6%0.0%34,737
GhostReaper54 [MCHNR]1,884052.5%0.0%19,210
Vostark [MCHNR]1,900053.4%0.0%10,028
BlitzReaper [MCHNR]1,878052.9%0.0%21,853
y_KnT [MCHNR]2,0242,14555.2%54.3%71,021
Komadant [MCHNR]1,881056.4%0.0%14,297
I_AM_UKRAINIAN_1997 [MCHNR]1,856057.1%0.0%13,117
utrolig [MCHNR]1,855052.3%0.0%22,049
Stigsson [MCHNR]1,774051.4%0.0%5,956
emgee249 [MCHNR]1,745051.1%0.0%13,414
BlodandIron [MCHNR]1,678054.3%0.0%23,354
TankSweepper221 [MCHNR]1,613053.6%0.0%15,455
Peterhkim [MCHNR]1,6242,05951.2%54.3%23,563
Jhereg_KnT [MCHNR]1,6751,73753.7%56.0%55,101
A92 [MCHNR]1,560059.4%0.0%26,801
Knightrider_KnT [MCHNR]1,650055.0%0.0%35,775
amjadcom1 [MCHNR]1,587051.1%0.0%35,572
Walram [MCHNR]1,620052.6%0.0%12,144
Alliance_ [MCHNR]1,655052.7%0.0%23,653
BasCelik [MCHNR]1,5731,11854.5%56.7%60,333
SHOOTER_007 [MCHNR]1,445050.4%0.0%26,432
diabolical_plan_b [MCHNR]1,416052.3%0.0%28,650
Weighted average1,81270454.4%20.5%27,126
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