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Players for clan FUWG (Friendly Ubers Winning Games) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
DeeDee7 [FUWG]2,247056.2%0.0%16,715
InfiniteSingularity [FUWG]2,1293,11754.2%58.6%51,172
MC_Hotdog [FUWG]1,678052.9%0.0%14,215
Hans_von_Twitchy [FUWG]1,7311,58555.9%55.4%42,958
alpha2_8_ftordca [FUWG]1,690056.4%0.0%25,721
Slushee [FUWG]1,602052.3%0.0%16,324
LaylaGoodwin [BAKED]1,475054.3%0.0%5,187
lebcarl [FUWG]1,485052.0%0.0%21,952
Billson_Factor [BAKED]1,413052.2%0.0%17,646
MakeItDouble [FUWG]1,317051.1%0.0%6,083
PostCommander [FUWG]1,426049.9%0.0%36,359
foersk [BAKED]1,296052.2%0.0%7,391
Kyshaku [FUWG]1,293052.8%0.0%16,801
FemurUY [FUWG]1,2821,19052.6%49.8%25,467
mwp13 [BAKED]1,226051.6%0.0%4,732
TankTrackShaw [FUWG]1,249051.0%0.0%12,131
Raiderhank [BAKED]1,140049.8%0.0%17,442
BlitzAction [BAKED]1,161050.1%0.0%6,764
ShadowPenguin [BAKED]1,064050.7%0.0%11,545
SR427 [FUWG]9561,05250.4%51.5%42,648
FFL_Roach [FUWG]955048.6%0.0%9,426
CaptainTanqueray [FUWG]876050.6%0.0%12,559
1SG [FUWG]394045.4%0.0%13,585
Weighted average1,43462352.2%18.2%20,260
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