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Players for clan FDDQC (FRÈRE D'ARME DU QUÉBEC) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Kirby2202 [FDDQC]1,748053.1%0.0%12,179
Mathrilord [FDDQC]1,5791,81152.9%55.2%21,507
derfo080808 [FDDQC]1,487051.4%0.0%8,843
Peace2500 [FDDQC]1,377049.6%0.0%10,108
MR_F0X [FDDQC]1,370050.4%0.0%9,439
BDanz [FDDQC]1,218048.7%0.0%22,114
VieuxSinge [FDDQC]1,180050.7%0.0%14,403
lenolivegameur [FDDQC]1,127050.2%0.0%15,412
Vaieri [FDDQC]1,073050.3%0.0%18,813
Joseph_Poppins [FDDQC]1,046048.9%0.0%28,466
ulrick59 [FDDQC]959048.6%0.0%15,446
destroykilla18 [FDDQC]927049.0%0.0%18,764
Khrisss [FDDQC]89056047.7%49.5%7,238
ElectricOut [FDDQC]883048.5%0.0%28,368
Thomkiller [FDDQC]834049.0%0.0%9,508
plouf_15 [FDDQC]809047.5%0.0%14,745
Templeux_A [FDDQC]79987847.5%53.7%11,883
GeorgesBaliverne [FDDQC]736049.2%0.0%18,981
445_Destroyer [FDDQC]730048.1%0.0%13,199
Erqigdlet [FDDQC]729048.2%0.0%28,231
Torack [FDDQC]699047.3%0.0%16,955
Athrox005 [FDDQC]70586448.8%51.0%23,775
CrazyBobby666 [FDDQC]665047.9%0.0%33,742
girl_tank [FDDQC]656045.5%0.0%14,254
kurtozi [FDDQC]59277746.7%48.5%13,314
berlioz_13 [FDDQC]407044.7%0.0%66,520
centaure [FDDQC]410043.8%0.0%33,324
Exnoy [FDDQC]360045.7%0.0%12,555
Weighted average83715148.0%7.3%19,197
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