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Players for clan DYNO (Don't You Need Oxygen?) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
CarryClaus [DYNO]2,832059.4%0.0%3,655
SL4399 [DYNO]2,466058.4%0.0%18,090
datalink7 [DYNO]2,426058.5%0.0%21,416
hardPatz [DYNO]2,416058.3%0.0%43,597
_Vermilion_ [DYNO]2,267056.1%0.0%20,888
Tichinde [DYNO]2,301057.0%0.0%21,932
Aphex28 [DYNO]2,227057.2%0.0%12,054
XxFANGZKillerxX [DYNO]2,210057.0%0.0%21,047
mister_info [DYNO]2,168056.2%0.0%28,133
weakspartan [DYNO]2,060055.0%0.0%11,198
WookieeJesus [DYNO]2,056056.3%0.0%15,607
CeliceDS [DYNO]2,119054.7%0.0%12,593
flaviosquilla [DYNO]2,053053.7%0.0%35,568
Anbaric [DYNO]1,864056.3%0.0%12,139
_Lt_Dan_ [DYNO]1,974053.1%0.0%11,946
MadCowDisease [DYNO]1,902055.5%0.0%24,527
Mamif3 [DYNO]1,794054.9%0.0%16,727
CloneSociety [DYNO]1,7541,71355.5%52.0%20,394
thekingsson [DYNO]1,7421,93654.4%55.4%12,702
jorenthalock [DYNO]1,711052.9%0.0%32,685
NinJAxBuNNy42 [DYNO]1,560052.8%0.0%10,204
SwedishNinja [DYNO]1,686053.3%0.0%15,954
Jay1441 [DYNO]1,596053.2%0.0%10,690
Vevrain [DYNO]1,612054.7%0.0%19,664
tikimonk [DYNO]1,495052.9%0.0%9,140
Shinskei [DYNO]1,525053.2%0.0%10,711
Maximin [DYNO]1,479054.0%0.0%9,709
PAIDtriot [DYNO]1,4421,35251.5%46.2%32,441
doggydog9 [DYNO]1,516051.8%0.0%22,631
Flowky [DYNO]1,293052.3%0.0%18,594
Weighted average1,95316855.1%5.3%18,629
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