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Players for clan DR0ID (DR0ID CarteL 2nd Battalion) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ScrubUS [TRAXR]2,720059.4%0.0%6,727
phantom0512 [DR0ID]1,881053.3%0.0%28,000
Safear [TRAXR]1,839053.1%0.0%10,653
themasterofrobots [DR0ID]1,764055.1%0.0%19,099
Steelclad [DR0ID]1,8142,02754.2%52.2%65,528
joecillo [DR0ID]1,798052.6%0.0%5,253
browernator [DR0ID]1,637051.6%0.0%39,862
RookieMoose [DR0ID]1,559056.4%0.0%17,474
BobeInDaRobe [DR0ID]1,519052.1%0.0%17,342
SgtTPwn [DR0ID]1,4821,53252.9%43.6%21,564
CavScout11 [DR0ID]1,5481,20251.9%46.1%30,502
GI_Jeff [TRAXR]1,622053.7%0.0%21,939
Kogibak [TRAXR]1,431053.5%0.0%18,100
pkfool345 [DR0ID]1,276053.3%0.0%7,388
JoeyDee86 [TRAXR]1,342051.1%0.0%18,760
Snypion [DR0ID]1,313051.4%0.0%11,423
evil_panda_666 [DR0ID]1,273050.9%0.0%13,554
naba1 [DR0ID]1,2301,50950.2%49.8%29,284
FalconVenture [DR0ID]1,233050.9%0.0%35,169
bbawsome [DR0ID]1,122051.1%0.0%12,060
Scorp1o [DR0ID]1,16393149.7%46.7%23,911
DeeTanker [TRAXR]1,066050.4%0.0%14,894
Sabot_Magnet [DR0ID]1,047053.0%0.0%47,334
Greylix [DR0ID]796049.1%0.0%22,295
dilholee [DR0ID]680047.5%0.0%8,161
Commander_Eeyore [DR0ID]587048.1%0.0%14,656
son_of_ayatolla [TRAXR]473047.0%0.0%3,091
Weighted average1,41746852.2%14.5%20,503
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