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Players for clan CHAI (Cheng Guan) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
MieMieMie [CHAI]3,860065.0%0.0%6,084
pejaqsy [CHAI]3,253067.1%0.0%34,096
qwerrty221 [CHAI]3,320065.6%0.0%27,069
Lone_Wolf_k1to [CHAI]3,002061.1%0.0%2,321
extraneous [CHAI]2,981059.0%0.0%11,501
Louzah_ [CHAI]2,959059.1%0.0%20,615
Spartan036 [CHAI]2,638061.1%0.0%8,035
RuinInHeart [CHAI]2,501057.8%0.0%14,345
derektsui [RELIC]2,561056.3%0.0%14,460
kanonc_ [CHAI]2,4662,64855.4%55.1%21,596
BasePixel17 [CHAI]2,272055.5%0.0%8,598
Sakkijarven_Polkka_Mika [CHAI]2,307056.0%0.0%11,082
T3HUB3RK1TT3H [CHAI]2,344055.0%0.0%30,558
HellRipper [CHAI]2,4512,16859.0%61.4%40,573
ETC_destroyer [CHAI]2,295055.1%0.0%14,163
LouisLithta [CHAI]2,040056.3%0.0%10,971
lsayama_Yomi [CHAI]2,068055.6%0.0%22,469
glacier777 [CHAI]2,077054.7%0.0%19,037
_O_o_Soaper_Man_o_O_ [CHAI]1,978056.2%0.0%18,783
Noob_Magnet_ [CHAI]1,982052.6%0.0%24,870
KoalaChelsea [CHAI]992052.6%0.0%6,735
Weighted average2,51139558.2%10.0%17,521
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