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Players for clan CAPS (Coalition of Awful Ping Sufferers) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Kebabmunger [CAPS]2,227056.8%0.0%19,000
LooseLips [CAPS]1,956054.8%0.0%25,774
Capt_Kab1am [CAPS]1,7081,83953.9%54.7%37,947
_Numb_Nutz_ [CAPS]1,606053.2%0.0%36,244
azone771 [CAPS]1,543050.6%0.0%10,556
zombine1 [CAPS]1,411051.8%0.0%8,477
Drug_Dejan [CAPS]1,365050.8%0.0%44,404
Symbios [CAPS]1,322050.9%0.0%14,425
BCnow [CAPS]1,316051.0%0.0%17,642
irekp [CAPS]1,267051.0%0.0%32,373
InglouriousKiwi [CAPS]1,277050.3%0.0%28,911
cogsclan [CAPS]1,263049.2%0.0%5,977
Cmdr_Far_Kew [CAPS]1,260050.5%0.0%20,870
Glitch_Stream [CAPS]1,200050.4%0.0%15,291
DarrinGlen [CAPS]1,1901,08549.3%50.8%13,690
austforever [CAPS]1,165049.9%0.0%36,254
jpanic [CAPS]1,151050.3%0.0%8,961
hamstersix [CAPS]1,040050.5%0.0%24,214
Zombie_Panda [CAPS]1,074048.1%0.0%42,661
biggles266 [CAPS]1,006050.4%0.0%6,288
Ecky_86 [CAPS]982050.6%0.0%9,661
Gremlinofaus [CAPS]1,015048.0%0.0%35,436
robrbaron [CAPS]971050.3%0.0%14,833
Grundyke [CAPS]999051.6%0.0%6,976
odin6868 [CAPS]867046.1%0.0%16,703
nzrogue [CAPS]858047.5%0.0%21,476
buzz1947 [CAPS]855047.6%0.0%47,011
LT_VEN0M [CAPS]805046.3%0.0%16,086
roguejr [CAPS]686047.5%0.0%12,588
Cameragod [CAPS]61764847.3%48.1%23,595
KazDaz [CAPS]552047.1%0.0%5,663
GManProXtreme [CAPS]400045.8%0.0%7,306
coolpeanutbutter [CAPS]316045.1%0.0%2,448
Weighted average1,20414950.1%5.8%20,295
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