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Players for clan BORA (BORA COALITION) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
DauntlessTemplar [BORA]2,4042,94554.9%56.2%15,988
octo16awesome [BORA]1,852054.2%0.0%17,461
Tarbaj [BORA]1,308051.0%0.0%23,832
veshoon [BORA]1,363049.3%0.0%7,174
Lucman57_BC [_M_M_]1,264050.0%0.0%23,283
smasher22 [BORA]1,165051.0%0.0%8,237
Terrorkai [_M_M_]1,057050.5%0.0%5,171
SlammerBC [_M_M_]1,079048.4%0.0%11,638
Comicus [BORA]994053.9%0.0%7,799
Montigue [BORA]990051.0%0.0%16,741
9bass [BORA]1,0191,07850.1%53.4%22,373
Truckedup [BORA]973048.5%0.0%20,466
swoop2 [BORA]921051.5%0.0%9,897
BoydoBC [BORA]918047.4%0.0%13,721
Sixwarden9 [BORA]906049.1%0.0%5,505
DeadMeat_BC_ [BORA]9011,41348.7%56.4%62,372
Ootah [BORA]791049.3%0.0%7,066
xposed [_M_M_]730054.0%0.0%63
rowviper [BORA]744048.6%0.0%1,995
Shangorin [BORA]742047.2%0.0%9,609
xwingzavier [_M_M_]664048.6%0.0%4,244
gemyniraptor86 [BORA]614048.2%0.0%5,003
Grizzangel [BORA]619046.2%0.0%21,794
koald [_M_M_]575048.9%0.0%1,492
Ovni453 [BORA]516048.4%0.0%5,963
TheBestJobEver [BORA]444047.6%0.0%3,726
sneakypirate [BORA]431044.2%0.0%13,761
OFBeatdown [_M_M_]398045.0%0.0%8,933
vchiever [BORA]202044.8%0.0%5,305
DarkMorford [_M_M_]183044.8%0.0%1,037
Mandy226 [BORA]155042.5%0.0%2,572
spudman39 [_M_M_]49045.9%0.0%196
Weighted average1,01343749.3%15.4%11,388
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