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Players for clan BABNS (Baboon empire!) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
HeckingGood [BABNS]2,717058.6%0.0%3,440
_S_a_L_t_y_1_ [BABNS]1,8272,01353.2%51.7%27,619
Largemouth [BABNS]1,7391,79653.1%50.8%27,176
GGnoRe [BABNS]1,3771,65550.9%51.4%15,310
Jerome799 [BABNS]1,4211,84550.6%53.5%16,971
ReggieRock [BABNS]1,2892,22451.1%59.7%4,567
IronRonin36 [BABNS]1,168053.9%0.0%6,437
kl1mtog [BABNS]1,240049.9%0.0%8,610
SteelGutsInTN [BABNS]1,3012,38050.5%61.4%12,230
Tovarich123 [BABNS]1,2471,15850.5%53.8%31,478
timmyg_007 [BABNS]1,163050.1%0.0%7,686
War_Moose [BABNS]1,124049.0%0.0%26,334
drkCrix [BABNS]1,130050.6%0.0%4,793
Zadd75 [BABNS]1,1611,41351.2%52.2%17,386
Doctr_Strange [BABNS]1,138049.3%0.0%30,860
Salamonie [BABNS]1,1251,10649.9%48.2%22,408
_MoNkEy_BuSiNeSs [BABNS]1,0461,46949.1%53.3%39,384
TheD3vilDogGG [BABNS]9781,37949.0%51.2%11,779
brent_54 [BABNS]965049.9%0.0%1,444
OminousFyxen [BABNS]894050.9%0.0%13,573
cyberattack [BABNS]91188350.1%47.3%33,783
FoggOfWar [BABNS]78281947.3%49.0%19,539
Saber_Steve [BABNS]67874548.8%48.1%7,972
effin_rekt [BABNS]651045.9%0.0%7,088
Jon_Crafting [BABNS]603047.7%0.0%9,993
Weighted average1,2071,03650.4%37.4%16,472
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