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Players for clan AWFP (ARCTIC WOLF PACT) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
IIEagleII [AWFP]1,384051.8%0.0%28,019
Chatch [AWFP]1,324052.2%0.0%15,112
boontmeister [AWFP]1,273052.8%0.0%31,647
skylancser [AWFP]1,174051.6%0.0%5,761
_Tanksalot [AWFP]1,160049.7%0.0%22,212
CarlTheWagonPriest [AWFP]1,064050.6%0.0%2,186
blackhawk123 [AWFP]1,098049.4%0.0%13,262
j0987654 [AWFP]1,040048.4%0.0%9,427
RSEverstone [AWFP]1,049049.3%0.0%19,537
satanslaw [AWFP]1,011050.4%0.0%33,182
Hammy113 [AWFP]980048.8%0.0%6,327
nerdyman [AWFP]944048.7%0.0%6,916
WolfenStan [AWFP]964048.7%0.0%850
lowandmean [AWFP]957051.1%0.0%17,947
vekert [AWFP]942048.2%0.0%6,872
kitter1970 [AWFP]92271549.2%54.1%18,385
acmarines12 [AWFP]967047.5%0.0%8,003
Blackstarre2 [AWFP]910049.5%0.0%4,318
hoosit [AWFP]909050.2%0.0%26,088
WERD2U [AWFP]860048.6%0.0%19,784
EchoHeavy [AWFP]84971446.4%50.0%21,844
zanderaj [AWFP]730047.8%0.0%5,289
Hero41 [AWFP]717045.7%0.0%2,117
allthedetails [AWFP]696048.5%0.0%4,939
Xygota_Black [AWFP]705047.0%0.0%36,247
wolf447 [AWFP]661047.2%0.0%17,539
traeos [AWFP]685047.7%0.0%4,557
SpeedKing360 [AWFP]702045.5%0.0%6,879
monkieslap [AWFP]663047.5%0.0%3,685
tigleth [AWFP]636047.9%0.0%42,762
kahunastan [AWFP]549045.2%0.0%31,375
Ranczak [AWFP]487048.3%0.0%2,272
Jsager7660 [AWFP]470045.0%0.0%1,582
DEUTSCH__JAGER [AWFP]453045.2%0.0%20,877
KillerTanker1 [AWFP]402045.9%0.0%10,827
Metal_Viper_6 [AWFP]378045.2%0.0%10,304
_awesome_guy_ [AWFP]362046.5%0.0%3,744
shadowknows [AWFP]3528644.7%41.1%25,130
vangore [AWFP]312046.0%0.0%2,818
Weighted average8515648.5%5.7%14,118
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