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Players for clan ARACH (Arachnids) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Astonar [ARACH]1,524051.5%0.0%21,342
cretz [ARACH]1,331049.3%0.0%9,686
Butter_toast [ARACH]1,276050.4%0.0%30,381
Light_Hammer [ARACH]1,1061,43049.9%55.7%13,295
Sefe_ [ARACH]1,0781,64749.8%54.2%19,883
TyrannasaurusMex [ARACH]8731,02249.1%49.5%26,855
Keelor45 [ARACH]844047.6%0.0%27,139
Mad_Merc [ARACH]839048.2%0.0%10,358
gasman1706 [ARACH]785045.9%0.0%37,144
F4ply [ARACH]715048.8%0.0%13,363
Patterson01 [ARACH]71455547.3%44.0%26,787
Donarian [ARACH]673047.3%0.0%10,897
ero1 [ARACH]558046.6%0.0%7,026
daffydil [ARACH]566045.4%0.0%21,756
HULKxxSMASH [ARACH]547046.6%0.0%19,625
Black_Steel [ARACH]497046.5%0.0%7,776
mpierce13 [ARACH]51876944.0%45.6%41,387
Nail__em [ARACH]493045.5%0.0%18,387
SGT_E [ARACH]49378645.1%51.3%35,758
Viking_warrior_73 [ARACH]465045.5%0.0%12,543
bigbwin [ARACH]458046.9%0.0%5,933
fearn01 [ARACH]441044.3%0.0%24,485
__Digger__ [ARACH]38755744.2%50.0%38,245
Caleb10201 [ARACH]23130344.2%43.2%29,099
Weighted average71135746.8%21.7%20,654
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