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Players for clan 5LINE (The Path of the Glorious Chairman) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
DirtyACE7 [5LINE]2,561058.1%0.0%12,112
turegum [5LINE]2,4252,57759.1%58.0%68,501
_Nordic [5LINE]2,403058.8%0.0%16,153
camp0rface [5LINE]2,436055.6%0.0%23,265
_Yossarian [5LINE]2,149058.0%0.0%17,098
For_The_Boys [5LINE]2,085054.5%0.0%18,253
SynapticSqueeze [5LINE]2,120056.0%0.0%11,148
DrunkWombat [5LINE]2,054057.3%0.0%12,409
gilaga [5LINE]2,052055.3%0.0%11,701
_HurricaneLane [5LINE]1,998055.2%0.0%30,470
gPatton71 [5LINE]1,989056.3%0.0%26,511
Tigermaus [5LINE]1,897054.4%0.0%17,883
Larsaso [5LINE]1,881058.5%0.0%15,501
The_Target122 [5LINE]1,824054.5%0.0%13,884
El_Jefe_ [5LINE]1,910054.6%0.0%19,204
Go_Hawks [5LINE]1,8811,87456.0%54.0%43,885
Dewaholic [5LINE]1,931055.7%0.0%50,854
YouEvenLiftBro [5LINE]1,839054.2%0.0%5,399
Hazardous74A [5LINE]1,838053.8%0.0%20,979
caloon [5LINE]1,749054.9%0.0%19,681
DasPointless [5LINE]1,705054.0%0.0%3,960
WorldConqueror [5LINE]1,691052.0%0.0%28,886
BlackMastodon [5LINE]1,538052.6%0.0%15,731
DreadDargoth [5LINE]1,4851,70552.5%52.9%53,864
freewifi [5LINE]1,4481,78253.9%53.5%23,608
1Gaurd [5LINE]1,479050.0%0.0%24,692
OmarTheBear [5LINE]1,30891451.1%47.1%12,280
ChaosGod4392 [5LINE]1,285050.7%0.0%10,871
ShookYang [5LINE]1,209049.9%0.0%9,953
ninjeddie [5LINE]1,111049.3%0.0%46,276
galleri [5LINE]428047.2%0.0%5,028
Weighted average1,83958554.6%16.0%22,259
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