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Players for clan 50CAL (50CAL) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
boxfire [R-R-D]1,653051.5%0.0%12,399
doomdozer34 [50CAL]1,639052.4%0.0%38,454
TheFoxMaster [R-R-D]1,425048.2%0.0%19,014
GeraldOsikawa [50CAL]1,393051.7%0.0%6,828
Baal_Sidious [50CAL]1,3201,27249.6%52.4%36,717
theshield80 [R-R-D]1,391049.5%0.0%26,711
Fredster101 [R-R-D]1,331050.6%0.0%9,487
Bruno3211 [50CAL]1,3141,34852.0%49.7%48,662
Invinceables [R-R-D]1,182051.4%0.0%18,846
SN33K [R-R-D]1,258049.1%0.0%16,819
Turm [50CAL]1,226050.2%0.0%23,603
Karamon_Nagahi [R-R-D]1,113049.5%0.0%8,202
Dega_Catfish [50CAL]1,104047.8%0.0%19,361
TitoAmbrosi [50CAL]1,078048.7%0.0%31,827
Squatching [50CAL]9801,01049.5%46.1%53,860
Viperwave [50CAL]913049.3%0.0%16,199
Novaknight [R-R-D]887046.9%0.0%8,186
1_ID_ROCk [50CAL]90583049.1%51.8%31,714
TurkeyTom [R-R-D]903049.1%0.0%16,348
thenubbin [50CAL]883045.4%0.0%39,469
jake_from_tankfarm [R-R-D]831047.4%0.0%15,488
Bad_Neko [50CAL]814045.8%0.0%16,022
Darkelf56 [50CAL]82572046.5%38.4%20,237
kentshouse [50CAL]7771,01448.1%47.6%33,821
vinman789 [R-R-D]713046.9%0.0%12,907
mccrmark [R-R-D]504046.0%0.0%5,339
relakima2 [R-R-D]490045.2%0.0%2,764
destroyer95_2016 [R-R-D]369046.0%0.0%3,413
bear120 [50CAL]37254945.4%47.0%27,358
Weighted average1,07441449.0%19.6%21,381
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