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Players for clan 11_TH (11th Armored Cavalry Regiment "Black Horse") on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
BlackHorse16 [11_TH]1,586053.6%0.0%30,525
Oragus [11_TH]1,490053.2%0.0%26,989
Tboner_MG [11_TH]1,413050.9%0.0%34,324
LittleIrish [11_TH]1,475049.0%0.0%32,147
cerberus6 [11_TH]1,311050.5%0.0%28,969
3rdCav [11_TH]1,247051.4%0.0%48,778
MajorDonCornaldie [11_TH]1,271049.2%0.0%12,329
PhantomOps [11_TH]1,178049.8%0.0%11,494
alamo6 [11_TH]1,15252149.5%45.8%32,186
SneakyPete67 [11_TH]1,1241,08249.5%51.0%59,521
outofline [11_TH]1,103050.5%0.0%23,148
Silen7rain [11_TH]1,087049.3%0.0%15,451
StinkerAce__ [11_TH]1,085049.6%0.0%9,225
Naxela [11_TH]1,061049.5%0.0%38,637
Double00Buck [11_TH]1,061050.1%0.0%29,333
Turrethunter2013 [11_TH]1,032049.0%0.0%24,150
sarge1340 [11_TH]936049.6%0.0%28,754
BitetheBullet [11_TH]93583147.5%51.2%40,204
kpTigger [11_TH]8911,02948.9%50.0%27,461
Scoutmapper [11_TH]895047.7%0.0%8,564
The_Peoples_Elbow [11_TH]90083147.6%46.8%29,815
1294563 [11_TH]81785748.7%50.6%34,095
McCraven1 [11_TH]701047.1%0.0%21,969
Saber_7 [11_TH]659047.3%0.0%13,882
Mindscry [11_TH]634047.5%0.0%4,469
11thACR_thunderhorse [11_TH]62950248.3%51.4%30,393
Scout66 [11_TH]596047.8%0.0%8,438
Gnslngr6 [11_TH]541045.8%0.0%36,148
flea3 [11_TH]54446947.0%47.4%18,799
ashtonbaird1 [11_TH]425041.8%0.0%292
jeffreyhowell45 [11_TH]4376744.2%40.0%18,192
Irondeath1 [11_TH]421044.6%0.0%6,859
Switch_Monkey [11_TH]360046.3%0.0%5,147
BlackHorse211ACR [11_TH]233045.5%0.0%14,167
Weighted average1,01227649.1%17.7%23,672
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