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Players for clan -TNT (Tracks n Thunder) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Xenotork [-TNT]1,693053.0%0.0%11,686
Storm_Wyrm [-TNT]1,4711,52451.8%53.5%17,848
Yevgeny_Z [-TNT]1,1801,25451.2%52.8%8,782
Gen_CharlieFoxtrot [-TNT]1,078051.9%0.0%6,201
TankSifter [-TNT]981049.4%0.0%4,554
Vman1212 [-TNT]901049.1%0.0%16,746
RobertuZ [-TNT]895047.3%0.0%26,339
CerealSugar [-TNT]845049.1%0.0%11,222
_JUMPER__1 [-TNT]870049.2%0.0%27,947
StreamySkate74 [-TNT]790048.5%0.0%6,616
Bernsc13 [-TNT]8161,19048.2%51.9%13,910
katu555 [-TNT]824046.6%0.0%43,089
garyghb [-TNT]807048.4%0.0%50,874
73rallysport [-TNT]675047.7%0.0%8,283
Demondog37 [-TNT]719046.6%0.0%13,277
FTGBear [-TNT]705046.9%0.0%26,441
Bjorn_the_Destroyer [-TNT]64379247.1%44.9%19,845
_Willy_Billy_Bing_Bang_ [-TNT]67577145.8%46.5%30,260
PVT_COOPER_T [-TNT]602046.7%0.0%3,163
Bj_Whitenburg [-TNT]557048.7%0.0%4,585
gijoe [-TNT]567047.0%0.0%4,447
J0hnny_Rico [-TNT]568046.3%0.0%37,119
Pistol0101 [-TNT]512047.7%0.0%14,279
snuffy81_81 [-TNT]479045.7%0.0%6,889
Stiletto81 [-TNT]47553345.8%45.7%58,794
elver [-TNT]39772644.3%51.9%29,362
litpop5 [-TNT]329045.4%0.0%6,224
Weighted average74828847.4%17.0%18,843
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