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Players for clan -OGR- (Old Guys Rule!) on server NA

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Try_Again [-OGR-]2,4913,28359.2%59.7%26,574
ES302 [-OGR-]2,313055.0%0.0%13,301
F16Guy [-OGR-]2,3572,52155.5%55.7%56,650
Horace_Poutine [-OGR-]2,312056.3%0.0%19,952
Prodigy_Raven [-OGR-]2,164055.1%0.0%14,515
DeathWarmedOver [-OGR-]2,1701,53755.9%51.5%28,003
GRiD_wpg [-OGR-]2,104055.0%0.0%37,157
Commadore_Crunch [-OGR-]2,034057.4%0.0%29,618
Occisor [-OGR-]1,978054.0%0.0%5,997
neeviour [-OGR-]1,7891,48453.3%52.3%29,554
Honk_If_You_Like_Tanks [-OGR-]1,8581,73754.4%57.4%27,297
GrayAngel [-OGR-]1,7962,09653.4%54.5%72,152
audioblitzen [-OGR-]1,824053.8%0.0%54,333
Karch_and_Kent [-OGR-]1,853058.2%0.0%29,593
jagdpanther11 [-OGR-]1,733054.4%0.0%33,371
misterkhan [-OGR-]1,670052.8%0.0%21,316
Saint_Vith [-OGR-]1,7431,68152.1%52.4%18,658
Squash99 [-OGR-]1,634054.9%0.0%25,154
crapcannon [-OGR-]1,611053.8%0.0%20,395
___XENOMORPH___ [-OGR-]1,6931,53952.7%49.0%17,296
Oashlage [-OGR-]1,683052.1%0.0%25,575
ericstar945 [-OGR-]1,486052.1%0.0%17,337
xX_Leroy_Jenkins_Xx [-OGR-]1,624050.8%0.0%17,673
Weighted average1,96280254.9%21.0%28,599
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