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Players for clan _THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
mxv100 [_THC]2,3052,64258.1%65.2%4,163
sulta012 [_THC]2,013054.3%0.0%64,838
SK_Ultimate [_THC]2,1272,35654.5%54.5%43,763
curejko [_THC]1,772053.0%0.0%32,992
Der_Kommissar [_THC]1,7711,63554.8%52.1%52,204
Goczgb [_THC]1,6701,48053.8%50.6%13,512
miha_FULL [_THC]1,588053.5%0.0%17,856
dobar_los_zaooo [_THC]1,6182,08453.5%55.8%44,057
acarancev [_THC]1,6701,97152.6%49.0%57,756
Ivan1986 [_THC]1,577053.0%0.0%29,726
sitni [_THC]1,4341,42952.3%52.3%53,520
CrashDK1200 [_THC]1,465051.4%0.0%25,413
vrca82 [_THC]1,409051.4%0.0%44,524
piskoonline1969 [_THC]1,4691,31251.4%49.3%110,369
Prst3nj4k_Smrti [_THC]1,426051.1%0.0%20,479
Grunf80 [_THC]1,357051.5%0.0%19,709
The_Inseminator [_THC]1,343050.7%0.0%8,503
Elminsterr [_THC]1,196049.8%0.0%25,368
bugiboyy [_THC]1,0771,32150.3%53.8%27,105
cemki01 [_THC]1,0551,54450.2%60.1%78,961
Amon08Ra09 [_THC]994049.4%0.0%39,888
sone68 [_THC]74465546.7%44.7%56,608
noid2000 [_THC]729048.4%0.0%31,443
pacula87 [_THC]699047.7%0.0%13,527
Wolfkvking [_THC]581046.1%0.0%8,192
Weighted average1,42090251.6%30.4%35,885
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