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Players for clan _T-R_ (Tanking_ReBelS) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ElitePeter [_T-R_]1,4221,41351.4%50.0%25,131
Hetzer800 [_T-R_]1,226050.5%0.0%18,563
JesterSpirit [_T-R_]1,263051.2%0.0%14,850
JigSau [_T-R_]1,223050.5%0.0%6,393
Fabian2010 [_T-R_]1,130050.0%0.0%14,695
Amorphiell [_T-R_]1,183050.4%0.0%9,721
Spillator [_T-R_]1,168051.2%0.0%17,168
BoehserBengel [_T-R_]1,185048.9%0.0%19,388
PhantomFox [_T-R_]1,115047.3%0.0%33,636
Sensema [_T-R_]1,013050.2%0.0%9,259
Hammerwerfer1 [_T-R_]1,007047.4%0.0%26,535
Grayson_Death_Carlayle [_T-R_]957051.1%0.0%13,794
Die3Schafe [_T-R_]9611,01649.1%49.7%46,123
atzopholes [_T-R_]962048.2%0.0%9,621
Lancelot0310 [_T-R_]9561,30246.9%50.0%31,973
su1e [_T-R_]910048.3%0.0%34,293
LadySparrow89 [_T-R_]869047.1%0.0%8,847
Kingkrim [_T-R_]851047.7%0.0%29,224
Sniper_08 [_T-R_]8621,00247.7%48.6%64,309
Leitpanzer [_T-R_]779047.7%0.0%5,805
gimlixxxl [_T-R_]79666947.0%43.3%29,297
colajunge [_T-R_]80577046.6%47.0%23,947
M109A3G [_T-R_]75851248.1%50.3%18,683
Fourtyleg [_T-R_]731044.7%0.0%21,131
Blutsau [_T-R_]699046.8%0.0%9,045
Piyadir [_T-R_]675047.5%0.0%9,028
_Panzersoldat_ [_T-R_]636047.2%0.0%8,536
1841Jeep [_T-R_]63393146.9%45.5%32,362
Night_Kill [_T-R_]631046.2%0.0%6,253
SparrowLight [_T-R_]59766046.0%44.2%30,967
yven2001 [TGRS]567048.2%0.0%3,604
Blutorden [_T-R_]44547944.7%38.6%5,656
Weighted average92245448.1%23.0%19,932
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