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Players for clan _SOH_ (Seal_of_Hun) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ajax_hun [_SOH_]2,463057.3%0.0%12,121
intrepid211 [_SOH_]2,0782,68854.2%55.9%52,232
JesterMate [_SOH_]2,056054.1%0.0%14,984
Dourman [_SOH_]1,8392,02653.5%58.1%19,619
Ajax79 [_SOH_]1,7131,86552.2%51.2%49,190
szajmonbacsi79 [_SOH_]2,877057.9%0.0%242
s3n1c [_SOH_]1,625049.7%0.0%40,862
szedzsi [_SOH_]1,577053.1%0.0%38,945
Sierraman1 [_SOH_]1,555051.7%0.0%23,692
Anderkooo [_SOH_]1,415052.5%0.0%7,596
xFlajo [_SOH_]1,444052.1%0.0%23,998
MADTITAN [_SOH_]1,421050.6%0.0%14,075
kbence94 [_SOH_]1,294051.5%0.0%5,886
timotka [_SOH_]1,398051.8%0.0%37,019
balazs1700 [_SOH_]1,276050.9%0.0%11,488
nemecsekerno [_SOH_]1,153051.4%0.0%10,622
sumpi21 [_SOH_]1,1191,14249.3%51.4%43,205
kacsa35 [_SOH_]1,134048.3%0.0%8,980
Gezenthor [_SOH_]1,070050.1%0.0%30,106
Villanto [_SOH_]1,00059648.8%51.7%21,506
Pepetiger [_SOH_]953048.9%0.0%16,773
eroforras [_SOH_]9021,08048.3%48.1%22,651
Mate2340 [_SOH_]894048.2%0.0%9,389
genya25 [_SOH_]907048.0%0.0%16,011
metro2300 [_SOH_]79285847.7%48.1%21,162
Zoli_1998 [_SOH_]687048.8%0.0%8,642
Shadowwarrior_1 [_SOH_]47051046.1%44.5%15,503
Gumibogyo1 [_SOH_]407045.6%0.0%4,460
Weighted average1,39466251.0%21.9%20,748
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