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Players for clan ZBIRY (Zwarta Brygada i Rozpruwacze Yeti) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Pikejson [ZBIRY]2,236055.0%0.0%28,953
Dres77 [ZBIRY]2,2412,11354.3%51.4%76,760
SPECTRA71 [ZBIRY]2,141054.1%0.0%44,932
Floodom [ZBIRY]2,072055.0%0.0%32,666
Starcu [ZBIRY]2,098054.5%0.0%27,315
Szezeger [ZBIRY]2,167053.8%0.0%58,048
Turbo_Kamil [ZBIRY]1,910052.9%0.0%9,234
Spal0ny [ZBIRY]1,874054.8%0.0%24,657
NoLaaN79M [ZBIRY]1,814054.1%0.0%29,806
Maniekk84 [ZBIRY]1,909051.8%0.0%52,097
TurboKamor [ZBIRY]1,773056.6%0.0%4,063
masti3 [ZBIRY]1,655052.7%0.0%16,840
dOOkiE81 [ZBIRY]1,516049.9%0.0%22,791
barbarzenca [ZBIRY]1,4771,30952.0%47.1%15,989
kalii [ZBIRY]1,388050.4%0.0%8,407
sylmek [ZBIRY]1,4511,13951.1%46.8%34,410
StevenGeralt [ZBIRY]1,467050.2%0.0%25,085
Fecti [ZBIRY]1,325051.2%0.0%15,929
Selticqu [ZBIRY]1,275050.8%0.0%14,685
BRODNICA102 [ZBIRY]1,285050.4%0.0%43,453
waski0987 [ZBIRY]1,2121,35349.2%46.5%64,179
Asik58 [ZBIRY]1,104049.9%0.0%39,949
Lexarr [ZBIRY]1,062050.4%0.0%13,589
s_olsen [ZBIRY]1,0201,11648.5%45.4%8,932
JFKjerrypl [ZBIRY]9841,34648.6%46.0%63,268
genBradlaey [ZBIRY]99473047.2%41.5%62,971
mcmaras [ZBIRY]699051.9%0.0%189
JFKjerryPL2 [ZBIRY]71378447.3%45.8%29,269
Weighted average1,58954551.5%19.1%31,016
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