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Players for clan XIPE (Xipe Totec) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
pontian100 [XIPE]3,1644,75360.5%61.2%49,023
Shisah [XIPE]2,722059.5%0.0%14,846
Desollado [XIPE]2,636061.3%0.0%10,650
_H4X0R [XIPE]2,582060.0%0.0%4,172
0pa_Horst [XIPE]2,636058.1%0.0%33,096
Veg3ta [XIPE]2,6362,60361.2%63.5%21,065
h0kuS_p0kuS [XIPE]2,5662,51258.9%56.4%68,099
ForFugSake [XIPE]2,4122,29062.1%56.0%30,525
attackR [XIPE]2,346056.7%0.0%18,480
DaSkrinja [XIPE]2,3401,83257.1%51.1%23,358
SatiC [XIPE]2,281059.0%0.0%28,487
Crav3n__ [XIPE]2,013055.6%0.0%17,755
DasBlatt [XIPE]2,069055.6%0.0%23,503
_Gr3g [XIPE]2,059055.2%0.0%25,510
Dr_McCoy [XIPE]2,095056.9%0.0%25,689
Benso_3 [XIPE]3,449064.7%0.0%272
Silurrr [XIPE]2,051055.2%0.0%27,211
detersc2d [XIPE]1,9551,75154.7%48.7%49,010
ghostdoc81 [XIPE]1,918053.5%0.0%33,750
Granitor [XIPE]1,620054.7%0.0%12,003
Bertah [XIPE]1,5951,39352.8%46.1%30,269
Chaos_Kai [XIPE]1,621053.8%0.0%554
schnetzlerizor [XIPE]1,614056.2%0.0%393
quarkben [XIPE]1,5271,69351.8%56.0%61,802
rumpelstielzchen [XIPE]1,4381,11051.7%49.9%33,116
U60311Freak1982 [XIPE]1,327050.9%0.0%30,970
Drakeskythe [XIPE]1,078052.7%0.0%1,689
Weighted average2,1481,24556.2%29.6%25,011
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