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Players for clan WU36 (Wu Tank Clan) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
El_Berto37 [WU36]2,3552,03855.7%56.3%36,755
Senseless_Destruction [WU36]2,1422,62857.3%58.5%61,330
WuTanker [WU36]2,285057.6%0.0%41,499
in_gold_we_trust [WU36]2,1332,80055.8%56.7%71,510
PsyclonNine [WU36]2,027053.6%0.0%18,694
Schatschi [WU36]1,945055.3%0.0%30,494
HFCfan [WU36]1,770052.2%0.0%15,347
DamageCore [WU36]1,690053.8%0.0%5,245
Tony_172 [WU36]1,7291,89752.4%55.3%38,382
PlanP [WU36]1,689053.8%0.0%16,285
ColHapablap [WU36]1,6722,02853.2%50.3%54,825
daseckbert [WU36]1,598053.3%0.0%24,008
Jackherer85 [WU36]1,666052.6%0.0%40,722
bohtank [WU36]1,561051.7%0.0%24,501
fdrz [WU36]1,5871,50051.7%47.3%79,924
Zewa_klick_und_weg [WU36]1,4481,72252.6%54.9%40,943
Rasselbock01 [WU36]1,5081,87750.4%53.3%53,305
Gurkenklaus [WU36]1,464051.8%0.0%21,028
Treppensteher [WU36]1,433051.8%0.0%19,787
CarrySpotter [WU36]1,3802,76051.8%57.5%25,729
Rave_2014 [WU36]1,382050.5%0.0%38,234
St4n [WU36]1,349052.4%0.0%20,089
ArmerIrrer [WU36]1,305055.1%0.0%23,743
Ticallion [L-V-B]1,479051.7%0.0%21,182
vincentvegaHRO [WU36]1,006051.1%0.0%17,280
Schach22 [WU36]661050.2%0.0%5,126
Weighted average1,7171,16153.4%29.5%32,537
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