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Players for clan WSII (Wolves of Steel II) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Dikkebolleprop [WSII]2,0362,57554.1%58.9%36,624
Lewis_Hamilton44 [WSII]1,810051.9%0.0%20,803
Maitimo73 [WSII]1,843054.2%0.0%18,114
Marretje [WSII]1,4581,76549.2%54.4%19,955
Darky_marksman [WSII]1,4491,81750.4%49.4%29,264
W00t3r [WSII]1,4021,56850.6%48.8%44,841
Kataskopos [WSII]1,316051.0%0.0%10,765
Badman273 [WSII]1,2251,43249.2%46.8%38,383
Aad55 [WSII]1,2281,46750.0%49.1%92,358
Ub3rM3 [WSII]1,261049.5%0.0%15,929
_Woden_ [WSII]1,2591,19250.2%51.7%34,431
darkroad6 [WSII]1,148052.3%0.0%2,313
Duud63 [WSII]1,0811,28050.1%50.9%37,955
houblonde [WSII]1,1221,36148.0%49.0%40,562
UberSnotolf [WSII]1,0571,26650.4%49.7%29,764
Ron_NH [WSII]1,077048.3%0.0%28,612
jvanput [WSII]9941,90550.7%58.2%16,033
Mourning76 [WSII]1,002048.0%0.0%34,094
Black_Death96 [WSII]942046.6%0.0%12,145
dnpeel [WSII]938048.0%0.0%10,619
DominusAgony [WSII]9481,12448.0%49.4%61,706
Mosaetrajeckt [WSII]909047.8%0.0%19,825
__mathias__ [WSII]859049.0%0.0%10,441
Boumath [WSII]81869148.0%48.7%25,649
Her_Maessen [WSII]830048.3%0.0%16,048
Omnepage [WSII]742046.1%0.0%16,113
xxwillemxx [WSII]765047.3%0.0%25,239
Fremoe [WSII]71196847.6%51.1%9,056
Dutch_Danger [WSII]68386546.9%46.8%36,041
Wezeper [WSII]65537545.8%41.1%22,291
StukStaal [WSII]637046.0%0.0%37,454
ProThundering [WSII]5921,01046.7%44.6%43,663
gele_eend [WSII]467045.4%0.0%25,402
Cloffie [WSII]36960543.5%44.4%7,825
Weighted average1,07790448.9%33.3%27,362
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