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Players for clan WORKS (Working as Intended!) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Schak_waR45 [WORKS]3,4043,99764.5%60.0%19,721
OrIandoBrando [WORKS]3,463061.8%0.0%11,273
Megger91 [WORKS]3,253064.4%0.0%31,069
Saegi [WORKS]3,194063.0%0.0%43,392
_n0n4m3_ [WORKS]3,124064.3%0.0%54,260
Vanilla_Ice_Baby [WORKS]3,093066.3%0.0%18,302
Klosterbruder [WORKS]2,899066.8%0.0%65,182
mUUgel [WORKS]2,9243,37459.9%60.6%42,359
niQuWe_09 [WORKS]2,9312,86257.8%63.6%30,268
IndiaLimaDelta [WORKS]2,889060.8%0.0%18,592
Manuel1324 [WORKS]3,045063.6%0.0%30,500
STERBEHILFE_ [WORKS]2,725063.1%0.0%26,945
phantom_destroyer [WORKS]2,614056.4%0.0%18,389
InTenT_Christian [WORKS]2,746062.2%0.0%26,577
KloetenSchweIIung [WORKS]2,803064.5%0.0%28,877
Fruchtriese [WORKS]2,623060.0%0.0%27,846
_Schelle_Mitte_ [WORKS]2,657056.2%0.0%19,457
Dirksan [WORKS]2,704057.6%0.0%34,211
_Worki_ [WORKS]2,815063.9%0.0%976
Arndib0y [WORKS]2,440061.9%0.0%9,034
_Calcify_ [WORKS]2,491059.3%0.0%24,705
suxx03 [WORKS]2,2182,16058.5%61.2%25,291
Weighted average2,89059862.0%11.9%27,601
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