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Players for clan WIFI (Weird Fiction) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Chi__Cha [WIFI]2,9823,67860.9%66.6%39,855
ValhallasRevenge [WIFI]2,8811,14259.4%48.8%48,509
Tonisha [WIFI]2,542056.5%0.0%41,641
ToeCutters [WIFI]2,529057.4%0.0%92,094
Samo_Jako [WIFI]2,538057.2%0.0%57,931
Usnaph [WIFI]2,429056.9%0.0%58,920
S_Soldie [WIFI]2,270055.0%0.0%16,839
Savaa19 [WIFI]2,189056.3%0.0%40,221
BigEasy_1 [WIFI]2,2742,49456.0%55.0%27,816
Laki983 [WIFI]2,2743,13057.8%61.4%69,615
mettal [WIFI]2,226055.4%0.0%74,323
IGORica [WIFI]1,992056.2%0.0%36,391
Trajko86 [WIFI]1,8802,76154.6%56.2%44,842
kosfort [WIFI]1,8332,74354.5%50.0%56,318
_Katyusha_izBot_xD [WIFI]1,7053,26452.1%57.0%34,575
stafafcb [WIFI]1,6893,27253.2%61.5%54,196
metabarun [WIFI]1,7002,35553.2%55.6%56,686
SwiFT_M0T10N [WIFI]1,5971,77952.8%55.6%22,600
g0didit [WIFI]1,6451,83153.7%54.8%85,446
Weighted average2,1741,44755.8%31.9%50,464
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