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Players for clan V__M (Venator Mortem) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Psychoduk [V__M]2,5543,03256.6%55.6%13,037
Kerrii30 [V__M]2,637058.9%0.0%3,540
tankerinio [V__M]2,3462,06656.9%58.5%39,217
_PINIO [V__M]2,298055.8%0.0%32,353
DeadlyFalcon [V__M]2,0121,99753.2%55.7%43,038
vden [V__M]2,0082,68655.2%61.5%60,857
soszek81 [V__M]2,013055.6%0.0%59,494
Jakub_s14 [V__M]1,937054.2%0.0%45,859
Krzysztof17 [V__M]1,936054.2%0.0%43,179
Agresywny [V__M]1,8932,48953.8%59.7%53,859
cichyczolgista [V__M]1,902054.9%0.0%52,555
Ptaaq [V__M]1,8681,93053.7%56.0%49,158
Sewiq [V__M]1,8212,41753.6%51.4%52,978
_HUSSY_MAX_ [V__M]1,864052.8%0.0%57,508
Sala_PL [V__M]1,862055.5%0.0%17,418
Nexi17 [V__M]1,768053.8%0.0%28,609
_IXU_ [V__M]1,6262,27052.8%57.1%41,942
Sgnl_05 [V__M]1,792053.3%0.0%45,862
Arcy [V__M]1,738051.4%0.0%26,687
mariusz153 [V__M]1,623051.2%0.0%46,170
Milo_L [V__M]1,4931,43851.7%50.6%12,834
vvantedV3 [V__M]1,497051.3%0.0%14,805
CptGekon [V__M]1,5222,93351.5%57.7%92,150
Tesoro_2400 [V__M]1,479051.6%0.0%43,893
Hornet_75 [V__M]1,4681,40652.4%47.9%19,826
Beduin00 [V__M]1,415050.0%0.0%65,940
KrukDdz [V__M]1,4332,07951.0%55.9%50,957
funus87 [V__M]1,383049.5%0.0%40,303
Emek_Z_Browarem [V__M]1,2901,42650.5%51.5%26,932
tigerking76 [V__M]1,2912,15049.6%54.1%93,914
SUBWEY [V__M]1,1211,70449.0%51.7%49,366
prescot2 [V__M]1,101047.9%0.0%46,799
MANIEK1979R [V__M]61994645.1%47.9%52,839
Weighted average1,6541,13752.2%29.2%43,147
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