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Players for clan VIP (Viennas Insolvente Panzerfahrer) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Hypfi83 [VIP]2,503057.4%0.0%15,462
Sn4kii [VIP]2,272057.2%0.0%20,115
Melnibone [VIP]1,999056.1%0.0%15,861
Bzzzztank [VIP]1,939054.7%0.0%36,766
mapcdo [VIP]1,886055.0%0.0%16,490
DerFangzahn [VIP]1,7121,37053.4%51.7%17,587
Nino82 [VIP]1,628052.2%0.0%15,114
Garo77 [VIP]1,6261,55352.6%53.1%33,460
v0850 [VIP]1,632052.8%0.0%12,519
bok4j [VIP]1,597052.1%0.0%21,139
armin74 [VIP]1,5351,83852.3%54.5%30,819
Gulba [VIP]1,6921,22352.1%40.2%42,217
Vi0x [VIP]1,6221,74251.1%52.6%14,237
Ujjno [VIP]1,518052.6%0.0%64,541
Tavatamba [VIP]1,3261,55452.1%48.9%20,930
ArielThePrince [VIP]1,277050.6%0.0%16,629
Bixenkirtag [VIP]1,254050.4%0.0%25,866
trent9071 [VIP]1,295050.3%0.0%30,190
bluricane [VIP]1,232051.5%0.0%12,928
sRookie [VIP]1,116050.4%0.0%21,994
audiracer_rene [VIP]1,040050.0%0.0%13,907
General_Honkadonk [VIP]955049.3%0.0%2,842
platindrache1 [VIP]1,00790949.9%51.0%10,948
MorningHammer93 [VIP]950049.4%0.0%6,323
Lissa_1866 [VIP]9741,57149.8%51.8%27,983
Belhalhar [VIP]927048.4%0.0%14,362
Zimnitz [VIP]828047.9%0.0%6,982
zappaa [VIP]754047.7%0.0%12,940
Franz_Gehrke_ [VIP]720048.4%0.0%12,537
Galaktix012 [VIP]682047.5%0.0%17,279
chevy75 [VIP]639047.4%0.0%15,074
apomen [VIP]554045.5%0.0%5,450
BARRADOSS [VIP]52386046.1%47.3%28,355
ezzdil [VIP]500046.7%0.0%31,858
Helmut7304 [VIP]479045.1%0.0%8,568
Weighted average1,34445751.2%16.0%20,007
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