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Players for clan V-TER (Valter GC) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
SkillPlease [V-TER]3,8003,98463.0%62.9%39,310
Azibiot [V-TER]3,2934,22661.0%62.3%53,601
wrotewrong [V-TER]3,254061.5%0.0%58,794
_Jurassic [V-TER]3,1153,14359.7%57.1%27,477
narkomanic [V-TER]2,9793,04760.5%54.5%49,160
StronkPL_1 [V-TER]2,8583,13359.1%61.5%11,185
danio20 [V-TER]2,981060.8%0.0%51,778
dayer [V-TER]2,909058.2%0.0%49,092
Mihailo91 [V-TER]2,8332,75761.4%64.4%1,831
Lesawik [V-TER]2,863058.7%0.0%17,402
special_EYE [V-TER]2,649058.3%0.0%34,109
_V_T0MA [V-TER]2,601057.2%0.0%34,925
Yuri1983 [V-TER]2,434059.5%0.0%48,666
Danzuch [V-TER]2,1582,59757.3%62.5%39,869
klokklokz [V-TER]2,1854,27854.9%57.2%22,753
NENO1987 [V-TER]2,074053.6%0.0%36,008
Osnivac [V-TER]2,086054.5%0.0%41,555
0rdovik_DaHusarz [V-TER]1,979054.0%0.0%33,036
___V3NOM___ [V-TER]1,8522,96454.0%58.8%14,775
kaeres_ [V-TER]1,781054.7%0.0%22,062
Weighted average2,6491,26458.1%21.7%34,067
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