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Players for clan TBMW (The Black Mamba Warriors Clan) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Smain_ [TBMW]2,022053.0%0.0%27,766
eranda98 [TBMW]1,874052.5%0.0%22,936
Born2Burn [TBMW]1,860053.2%0.0%33,559
gregoir72 [TBMW]1,8141,80857.4%58.4%53,546
Boy2000Boss [TBMW]1,597050.5%0.0%17,893
Biuls [TBMW]1,4451,45653.0%50.3%52,145
marius9x [TBMW]1,387050.3%0.0%21,451
SpearHead92 [TBMW]1,3391,76550.5%48.8%117,425
gnlleclerc [TBMW]1,3231,13351.2%48.4%40,278
maxagaz60 [TBMW]1,267050.5%0.0%69,592
civetone [TBMW]1,264049.1%0.0%27,129
jp1978 [TBMW]1,3081,32649.1%48.8%59,813
95_Hugues [TBMW]1,1771,45849.6%49.8%46,711
Poncho_fr [TBMW]1,219049.7%0.0%56,428
Alderinof [TBMW]1,198048.7%0.0%24,717
igornsc01 [TBMW]1,207048.5%0.0%26,131
lesushi [TBMW]1,1481,33249.0%52.7%13,508
Hebus_Troll [TBMW]1,146048.0%0.0%29,839
Alderbranch [TBMW]1,0181,16048.5%49.1%38,248
RandyRKO112 [TBMW]986047.3%0.0%15,698
ocenturiono [TBMW]950048.8%0.0%43,612
marleasan [TBMW]81798246.7%45.6%38,098
Aymeric81 [TBMW]784047.2%0.0%24,223
doudou93 [TBMW]742047.8%0.0%34,159
nonoche17 [TBMW]7541,10547.5%50.0%17,363
gorgory [TBMW]652046.7%0.0%30,214
RANTEPAO [TBMW]65577447.7%47.7%66,427
Weighted average1,23968750.0%25.0%38,632
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