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Players for clan T-D-I (Tasmanian Devil) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
PRAGA_M53_59_SRB [T-D-I]2,6912,25759.0%55.6%28,728
Nikola_pure_Gamer [T-D-I]2,2312,45255.8%51.4%19,517
pnegro [T-D-I]2,0551,66456.2%49.2%33,174
DirectionalDriller [T-D-I]2,056054.3%0.0%14,519
IshimuraG [T-D-I]1,9942,69054.7%62.4%52,475
SOMI_SRB [T-D-I]1,989054.6%0.0%43,861
Celiestall [T-D-I]1,8301,92954.3%57.0%23,389
Gvozda [T-D-I]1,749052.7%0.0%31,107
GeleTV [T-D-I]1,7861,57955.5%51.2%32,725
navala [T-D-I]1,844053.4%0.0%35,007
msasam [T-D-I]1,6962,56352.1%61.2%59,404
Panki18 [T-D-I]1,6341,90752.5%48.9%89,446
aldin2908 [T-D-I]1,7222,56150.8%52.4%45,774
Tomislav008 [T-D-I]1,539052.4%0.0%45,262
Zavisko [T-D-I]1,5492,14853.1%51.1%44,446
DoktorCenturion [T-D-I]1,560051.7%0.0%22,931
Sentinel_Prime [T-D-I]1,4461,96051.8%57.6%25,744
Felix_Romulijana [T-D-I]1,477049.7%0.0%8,191
andra75 [T-D-I]1,4632,12950.3%49.2%42,086
Perazdera111 [T-D-I]1,396050.1%0.0%64,692
dusanciric [T-D-I]1,3201,57450.9%45.5%18,760
Hocuimebre [T-D-I]1,234050.6%0.0%17,308
draganvukovic [T-D-I]1,0201,15547.8%45.2%30,492
batke61 [T-D-I]991047.7%0.0%60,779
Dr_Strategist [T-D-I]911047.8%0.0%15,529
Weighted average1,6391,26652.3%32.0%36,213
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