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Players for clan SOBR (Специальный Отряд Быстрого Реагирования) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
amjanmba [SOBR]3,560060.3%0.0%2,289
_BULAT_ [SOBR]2,6813,13858.3%58.5%16,944
4634 [SOBR]2,911059.2%0.0%19,412
BJIaDuMuP_J1yTuH [SOBR]2,599058.2%0.0%6,083
_BeJleC_ [SOBR]2,3292,41658.3%63.0%31,978
pavel2411 [SOBR]2,4713,03556.6%60.3%52,660
artechnik [SOBR]2,0552,49957.2%60.2%34,677
IskarJarak [SOBR]2,153056.5%0.0%17,014
Semi1 [SOBR]2,0772,60954.2%58.3%44,928
MAN2016 [SOBR]1,8801,96756.2%57.1%21,019
____Hunter__ [SOBR]1,9362,45455.4%59.2%34,339
T26E6 [SOBR]2,035053.9%0.0%2,330
Necrone [SOBR]1,9771,67055.0%52.9%22,551
_Alex_2803_ [SOBR]1,972052.1%0.0%52,571
x_T62A_x [SOBR]1,813054.1%0.0%39,907
__OLEG__ [SOBR]1,888060.7%0.0%6,810
kingtiger05041996 [SOBR]1,740052.6%0.0%20,964
ZEROH2O [SOBR]1,819054.2%0.0%32,072
Just_Gold_Shoots [SOBR]4,025069.9%0.0%322
_KuzneZ_ [SOBR]1,596052.5%0.0%16,882
hmelik [SOBR]1,626053.0%0.0%19,773
RUSSIAN_HAMMER [SOBR]1,5791,08053.7%46.2%16,059
REDRICK_SCHUHART [SOBR]1,544054.0%0.0%12,975
crazyvasek [SOBR]1,521052.0%0.0%7,158
rogi33 [SOBR]1,429052.6%0.0%34,752
Angry_Elephant [SOBR]1,420052.4%0.0%8,784
topaleks123 [SOBR]1,349051.5%0.0%9,713
hau75 [SOBR]1,30554651.0%44.1%46,533
iskitimez [SOBR]1,237051.5%0.0%39,260
LancThar [SOBR]987048.6%0.0%18,943
Diger81 [SOBR]943048.5%0.0%16,869
Weighted average1,84999154.2%25.6%22,792
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