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Players for clan SD_DK (Smurf Destroyers) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
emilgk74 [SD_DK]3,258059.9%0.0%20,794
Viking_Smurf [SD_DK]2,099054.7%0.0%28,502
Grumpy__Smurf [SD_DK]1,769052.8%0.0%56,422
JULehmann [SD_DK]1,726052.9%0.0%15,313
Kimaqqa [SD_DK]1,628052.9%0.0%19,729
Mobkil [SD_DK]1,615052.0%0.0%48,909
Spyffer [SD_DK]1,686052.2%0.0%33,743
yoda_smurf [SD_DK]1,518052.6%0.0%10,514
clawdk [SD_DK]1,6471,59253.4%53.1%20,614
flemse69 [SD_DK]1,5011,36352.9%47.7%29,693
Mom__Smurf [SD_DK]1,405051.2%0.0%74,411
Kildeholm [SD_DK]1,458050.0%0.0%28,317
Ghost4y2 [SD_DK]1,4021,71249.9%50.4%32,607
QrisCo [SD_DK]1,339051.2%0.0%23,869
AbsSolut [SD_DK]1,3051,70051.1%52.9%75,656
kristensenthy [SD_DK]1,2851,63152.4%53.1%32,720
SteffTheHeff [SD_DK]1,250051.1%0.0%20,706
skydt [SD_DK]1,243049.3%0.0%22,659
Gnuen [SD_DK]1,212048.6%0.0%32,626
Fejl_40 [SD_DK]1,150049.8%0.0%26,868
alienfoot [SD_DK]1,171050.6%0.0%37,249
PCLxxx [SD_DK]1,0531,12849.5%54.7%34,366
Happy_Smurf [SD_DK]1,079050.1%0.0%17,448
jespersfar [SD_DK]1,042049.7%0.0%39,145
Peacekill6 [SD_DK]1,027049.7%0.0%40,373
ArtyTarget [SD_DK]1,036050.1%0.0%22,641
ColleTheCool [SD_DK]9531,45049.0%50.0%27,917
BeigeBeing [SD_DK]92987249.2%46.3%16,427
Smiley_Smurf [SD_DK]928049.3%0.0%31,272
Novack1982 [SD_DK]876049.4%0.0%15,556
peerdh [SD_DK]8781,10847.2%43.1%36,533
WoodDK [SD_DK]790047.6%0.0%13,632
WK_BaseMand [SD_DK]783048.2%0.0%12,887
Weighted average1,34744550.9%15.5%30,306
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