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Players for clan S--G (Stoßtrupp Gold) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Sv3rd [S--G]3,796066.1%0.0%25,594
Hydrox_Bull3t [S--G]1,980055.0%0.0%7,036
Immerwiedergerne [S--G]1,931052.9%0.0%16,780
VODKA_aemmel_VODKA [S--G]1,7661,99352.9%57.5%17,912
Raimundo [S--G]1,7051,40357.7%54.7%42,487
AUT_Nephilim [S--G]1,5821,70353.6%55.4%43,766
erik5 [S--G]1,543051.5%0.0%19,100
Big_RuA [S--G]1,430053.0%0.0%6,857
Ecotone_Miles [S--G]1,461054.9%0.0%4,419
sTeam_mach1n [S--G]1,422052.2%0.0%7,966
Fischelsberg [S--G]1,3151,04752.3%51.0%9,531
Sk1oa_What_Else [S--G]1,344050.6%0.0%10,576
bollerg [S--G]1,2841,36050.8%50.2%27,368
orangegti2008 [S--G]1,159049.1%0.0%32,823
vwscirocco [S--G]1,115053.7%0.0%18,734
Regorelas [S--G]1,165052.3%0.0%10,839
K_I_K_E_A_B_O_S_S [S--G]1,046047.9%0.0%7,114
greengti2012 [S--G]1,031048.7%0.0%14,320
Kleener1976 [S--G]949048.9%0.0%13,493
maninblack2405 [S--G]868048.8%0.0%5,570
Stormtroppler [S--G]901048.8%0.0%54,522
kleinerSteiner [S--G]856047.7%0.0%25,615
Pechel [S--G]82267747.9%44.0%32,162
Biesti0505 [S--G]791047.7%0.0%11,234
Jons56 [S--G]691047.8%0.0%12,177
Waschbrettbauchede [S--G]661048.0%0.0%9,903
stostrupp [S--G]647046.2%0.0%19,812
BlackMagic666 [S--G]628048.5%0.0%2,907
GreeniPeeni [S--G]361044.3%0.0%3,410
Weighted average1,33146551.6%17.6%17,725
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