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Players for clan RSGC (Russian-Speaking Gaming Community) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
From_RUSSIA_with_Love_7 [RSGC]3,9272,02063.9%51.7%4,227
4Unusual [RSGC]3,341062.8%0.0%2,580
D_R_A_G_O_N_S [RSGC]2,914062.5%0.0%44,430
TTUCAPb [RSGC]2,9603,13859.9%61.5%27,743
1TISAK1 [RSGC]2,1042,89256.9%59.0%15,867
_Hello_it_s_me_ [RSGC]2,2362,04154.8%54.5%21,079
xxx_fair_xxx [RSGC]2,2602,53757.6%59.7%59,914
KingKongUB [RSGC]2,0022,46055.0%59.6%43,394
A5pirin [RSGC]1,9772,49353.9%52.1%61,206
Maximilianys [RSGC]1,896055.0%0.0%15,615
Lanrefni [RSGC]2,0172,18456.2%56.6%40,176
Fartowij86 [RSGC]1,913053.5%0.0%23,691
Belii777 [RSGC]1,6982,09754.0%57.8%47,990
omukay [RSGC]1,751051.4%0.0%26,957
SectorPlus [RSGC]1,705053.0%0.0%18,621
zerodinx [RSGC]1,641053.2%0.0%30,645
3BEPb82 [RSGC]1,602053.3%0.0%20,262
2stArt [RSGC]1,5611,43352.5%50.9%34,341
Slodej1985 [RSGC]1,589051.0%0.0%44,649
GEO_PSYCHOPATH [RSGC]1,3613,05250.4%58.2%54,986
yurix1 [RSGC]1,3671,81050.7%58.5%50,064
Kasjack [RSGC]1,2011,44649.3%52.3%48,661
P_A_S_C_H_A [RSGC]1,203051.7%0.0%22,829
__TriT__ [RSGC]1,1391,84749.6%53.3%76,584
Weighted average1,7941,55853.7%39.3%34,854
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