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Players for clan RIOD (Riders Of Doom) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Lamoza [RIOD]2,0431,76454.4%54.9%20,150
MASH_Hawkeye [RIOD]2,1801,61956.6%46.3%21,785
X_Timur_X [RIOD]2,009054.3%0.0%21,370
MASH_TrapperJohn [RIOD]2,0151,80255.3%51.7%35,781
Anssi68 [RIOD]1,9761,81155.8%52.6%44,875
super_boss13 [RIOD]1,8891,94254.6%55.4%46,238
DesolationRow [RIOD]1,873054.0%0.0%27,665
eXorcist999 [RIOD]1,790054.7%0.0%27,571
half07 [RIOD]1,7291,86252.6%53.7%59,484
HoochieCoochieMan [RIOD]1,8521,32254.5%50.3%44,855
P3rculator [RIOD]1,628053.2%0.0%33,762
Heart0fGold [RIOD]1,5181,17551.6%51.4%25,127
Kagi [RIOD]1,526051.8%0.0%4,890
The_Welder [RIOD]1,3791,09452.0%61.5%26,805
Hirador [RIOD]1,390051.8%0.0%36,187
Bosszwo [RIOD]1,390051.7%0.0%17,603
KnochenKnecht [RIOD]1,2821,36552.0%51.6%11,592
MaxLakely [RIOD]1,284052.8%0.0%8,995
Jussa_KK [RIOD]1,210055.3%0.0%9,806
LeKingZ [RIOD]1,197050.5%0.0%6,596
MASH_Radar_O_Reilly [RIOD]1,28088054.9%48.6%16,015
Ankara_Aatu [RIOD]1,2151,53353.5%54.5%35,467
PassoP [RIOD]1,259052.6%0.0%21,959
Evil_Bacon [RIOD]1,218049.5%0.0%11,121
erasmau [RIOD]1,034051.1%0.0%23,619
NoNameRandy [RIOD]768048.5%0.0%3,736
Nietzscheguevara [RIOD]679050.6%0.0%3,733
Weighted average1,63995853.5%31.8%23,955
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