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Players for clan RESK (The Red Skull) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
beck23 [RESK]2,5786,83957.4%58.4%23,062
_BaBy_DaBoT_FTW [RESK]2,2642,24654.1%56.3%17,362
kinktiger1993 [RESK]1,9822,62453.7%59.5%27,649
iozefintare [RESK]1,9792,92353.6%57.3%37,313
SniperCsRo [RESK]1,8021,93652.6%53.9%117,787
XtrmFigher [RESK]1,698052.1%0.0%32,019
ryphu [RESK]1,684053.2%0.0%49,542
kamikazeus [RESK]1,782052.4%0.0%48,094
Ureche [RESK]1,4201,45650.8%48.7%25,177
mvbican [RESK]1,5111,11652.6%45.7%33,039
Just_for_funOO7 [RESK]1,5162,20951.9%56.6%132,968
zgabeartza [RESK]1,541051.4%0.0%79,794
Clau_Oble [RESK]1,5181,78852.1%50.8%14,018
danyboy1985 [RESK]1,4822,74149.6%52.3%69,705
euue [RESK]1,4731,63251.0%50.7%64,756
VAL4HUL [RESK]1,4291,66251.2%48.0%52,140
tarzan81 [RESK]1,358050.8%0.0%39,171
Chip71 [RESK]1,340051.1%0.0%16,373
alex_iosif_5 [RESK]1,280049.7%0.0%15,495
ChivuSS [RESK]1,3472,11550.0%50.9%28,265
CoolBoyMarius [RESK]1,275051.2%0.0%22,134
monk_ [RESK]1,2552,02648.6%49.9%58,541
bit24 [RESK]1,1001,40449.2%50.2%65,414
danielvrdx [RESK]1,009049.2%0.0%5,933
6ix9ine_xxx [RESK]1,0841,96647.4%43.5%66,952
Dremorah [RESK]981049.0%0.0%38,153
Weighted average1,5161,51151.2%36.8%45,417
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