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Players for clan REMY (Octo's Swag Squad) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Kill0pownz [REMY]2,4682,13354.9%54.1%30,983
correct_user_name [REMY]2,625057.9%0.0%1,136
_Go_Cry_More_ [REMY]2,239056.3%0.0%9,050
De_NL_Vakantieman [REMY]1,9272,25554.0%57.7%36,132
eggens [REMY]1,9582,18854.4%56.9%42,529
brocco1999 [REMY]1,925054.4%0.0%18,523
pullen [REMY]1,890053.1%0.0%28,263
_Nem0_ [REMY]1,7571,38354.3%53.9%15,458
SH4D0W_HUNT3R [REMY]1,756052.7%0.0%22,586
TheR3dBaron [REMY]1,736054.3%0.0%35,041
LordDeviator [REMY]1,6801,94252.2%54.9%35,310
Privolion [REMY]1,590054.3%0.0%12,303
Coolman99 [REMY]1,538052.8%0.0%11,079
WBever [REMY]1,444054.2%0.0%19,151
macbos [REMY]1,4931,67052.1%52.0%35,854
jeroen98 [REMY]1,476050.9%0.0%13,517
stefanABCnoD [REMY]1,422051.6%0.0%25,267
DrNuclear [REMY]1,303048.5%0.0%17,207
Trixx_Traxx [REMY]1,178049.1%0.0%27,398
Princessx6000 [REMY]1,129048.6%0.0%14,860
Weighted average1,71386452.9%24.0%22,582
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