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Players for clan RED_S (Red Supreme) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Pips [RED_S]3,118064.9%0.0%67,172
General18 [RED_S]2,831059.0%0.0%33,659
Cp6a [RED_S]2,656058.3%0.0%57,044
joekiller202210 [RED_S]2,616057.8%0.0%59,948
Rainwatch [RED_S]2,4482,68558.1%61.4%14,303
Nikolaj_SRB [RED_S]2,618059.9%0.0%47,644
Yakuza_Kamikaz [RED_S]2,602058.9%0.0%17,122
toysolider [RED_S]2,6015,17558.2%58.2%104,090
iLLegaLe82 [RED_S]2,488058.0%0.0%62,774
Flashsos [RED_S]2,264058.3%0.0%46,917
Hamzinho [RED_S]2,266056.1%0.0%40,704
srafciger [RED_S]2,3892,20658.5%54.8%83,807
xyphoideus1 [RED_S]2,257056.0%0.0%20,847
Kovaczh [RED_S]2,295056.4%0.0%41,542
brzojeb [RED_S]2,077054.8%0.0%28,048
Daevart [RED_S]2,150056.1%0.0%37,967
razor___X3 [RED_S]2,003055.6%0.0%25,226
MadMaxa [RED_S]2,029059.3%0.0%86,522
abrams7651 [RED_S]1,989055.0%0.0%44,331
OgiTerminator [RED_S]1,981055.6%0.0%46,679
Nesa79 [RED_S]1,624053.0%0.0%58,458
keho_yakuza [RED_S]1,613052.5%0.0%22,210
Weighted average2,35272857.7%11.0%47,591
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