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Players for clan REBUD (RealBuddies) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Machinegunjoe_2013 [REBUD]2,268056.5%0.0%20,769
Wolf_On_Tracks [REBUD]2,290056.4%0.0%19,292
Toilettenlampe [REBUD]2,6212,53960.4%61.6%2,472
saucer1399 [REBUD]1,897058.7%0.0%38,308
Feuerhamster [REBUD]1,9391,41859.1%52.9%113,878
mikefox [REBUD]1,758054.6%0.0%44,227
robert5011 [REBUD]1,693056.2%0.0%9,765
Barkmann74 [REBUD]1,55598652.4%47.1%29,061
Mechatron80 [REBUD]1,174051.0%0.0%3,289
Karl_der_Schreckliche_1 [REBUD]1,133056.5%0.0%9,160
Nasenase383 [REBUD]1,125052.3%0.0%16,362
SneiperGohst [REBUD]1,144049.1%0.0%27,072
RTKone [REBUD]1,110050.9%0.0%19,168
Sharkprotect [REBUD]1,00674155.8%49.4%893
Panzerritter [REBUD]1,046049.6%0.0%19,867
Aznagor [REBUD]960047.2%0.0%13,211
markusholst [REBUD]805052.5%0.0%13,631
karl52_der_schreckliche [REBUD]738049.3%0.0%35,616
panzervater [REBUD]519045.7%0.0%26,482
Weighted average1,51542654.2%16.4%24,343
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