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Players for clan RANA (Rangers Army) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ThE_UlTiMaTe11 [RANA]2,8342,79757.4%56.0%17,389
_Koti [RANA]2,4132,32357.5%56.2%18,995
_KGb666_ [RANA]2,0421,84756.2%53.2%60,610
logi07 [RANA]2,1392,03754.4%52.5%68,761
Kiskukuc [RANA]2,1342,39155.0%53.8%54,367
YouGoBackToTheGarage [RANA]2,035055.3%0.0%35,504
BrutallFuN [RANA]1,907054.5%0.0%10,653
Tompeee1 [RANA]2,062054.7%0.0%24,809
VAD_ASZ_2014 [RANA]1,9282,03453.4%54.0%41,617
CaptainBacon [RANA]1,766054.2%0.0%21,673
fugszi [RANA]1,804052.5%0.0%37,360
Pici_Here_Harcos [RANA]1,7382,89853.0%58.5%26,851
Heutestirbstdu [RANA]1,813053.7%0.0%16,392
Kukeker [RANA]1,714053.9%0.0%9,580
Sveryxx [RANA]1,688052.7%0.0%27,369
ricskovics97 [RANA]1,687051.8%0.0%16,068
Dark_Ghost [RANA]1,6921,59850.4%52.5%29,354
mankimen [RANA]1,6211,58452.3%53.9%16,138
Koti_hun_ [RANA]1,553052.8%0.0%25,763
peti0708 [RANA]1,596052.1%0.0%23,728
piszkosken [RANA]1,571051.4%0.0%43,597
Orkpanter [RANA]1,569051.7%0.0%28,050
xXDOSERXx [RANA]1,5301,03251.3%53.7%31,611
partX20ma [RANA]1,5461,45451.6%52.7%34,517
Hajnaltuztanc [RANA]1,465051.2%0.0%33,636
Wota [RANA]1,41198951.6%51.3%27,307
Magicon [RANA]1,3101,33950.9%54.2%63,296
MrDub66 [RANA]844050.4%0.0%7,509
Felni83 [RANA]79999547.9%47.6%26,155
Weighted average1,7571,05953.0%31.4%30,298
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