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Players for clan PZDOP (Panzer Division Ostpreussen) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
SeriousMurder [PZDOP]2,537054.3%0.0%15,601
oOakiraOo [PZDOP]1,935052.4%0.0%27,324
zschau [PZDOP]1,613050.5%0.0%28,228
JaHck23 [PZDOP]1,528050.3%0.0%17,049
xnuevaeticax [PZDOP]1,453051.4%0.0%23,616
This_is_life [PZDOP]1,3992,15252.3%56.2%24,416
ShanghaiAndi [PZDOP]1,421050.9%0.0%10,373
edsyder [PZDOP]1,37285053.4%44.9%46,845
Ethalydon [PZDOP]1,291053.2%0.0%13,019
KillerKeTe [PZDOP]1,303051.8%0.0%10,522
Fusiogreg [PZDOP]1,254048.5%0.0%15,445
Matzebu [PZDOP]1,2771,54650.1%54.3%29,853
candide1980 [PZDOP]1,230052.2%0.0%5,560
Mario1970 [PZDOP]1,225048.6%0.0%13,175
mojo1985 [PZDOP]1,157049.6%0.0%18,033
Terrorstudio [PZDOP]1,084049.2%0.0%9,033
Fw_Steiner__ [PZDOP]1,134046.8%0.0%13,259
Stealthcrew [PZDOP]958052.9%0.0%221
Dallbara [PZDOP]1,034050.1%0.0%5,971
spielzeugsoldat [PZDOP]1,035051.0%0.0%14,358
Soldat123 [PZDOP]1,080047.2%0.0%28,944
Hoschy01 [PZDOP]965048.9%0.0%7,251
kettenuwe [PZDOP]680046.2%0.0%12,449
KillaSven [PZDOP]647052.9%0.0%5,993
Danny1204 [PZDOP]540047.0%0.0%2,806
SirRedneb [PZDOP]510046.6%0.0%860
amadeo1 [PZDOP]65046.9%0.0%1,278
Weighted average1,35034550.7%12.7%14,869
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