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Players for clan PO (Polskie Orły) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Caveman27 [PO]2,583056.6%0.0%34,724
Wojtek689 [PO]2,240054.6%0.0%15,965
_lamar_ [PO]2,0601,97557.1%55.9%47,882
GeT_eVolutioN [PO]1,870055.1%0.0%5,125
NaturalKiller123 [PO]2,016053.4%0.0%20,490
T_U__R__B_O [PO]1,9542,60952.5%62.2%62,026
starius86 [PO]1,937055.4%0.0%35,513
lucek1982 [PO]2,001053.1%0.0%62,259
danko2000 [PO]1,812052.9%0.0%13,808
Trol111875 [PO]1,7582,19553.1%56.2%47,090
lukasz89luk [PO]1,742052.7%0.0%39,170
Methius [PO]1,750052.8%0.0%26,667
marcin318 [PO]1,699052.2%0.0%54,018
PeRdeR [PO]1,710052.4%0.0%17,428
kubinistm [PO]1,698050.8%0.0%24,163
AlbiAlbi [PO]1,709051.3%0.0%25,008
namjen_v2 [PO]1,660053.8%0.0%51,030
Szakir1997 [PO]1,680052.9%0.0%18,298
Kosik_Pro_The_Animal [PO]1,4721,86851.0%53.1%8,236
Riperski [PO]1,525052.0%0.0%27,423
Tygrys218 [PO]1,535052.3%0.0%64,967
Arotis [PO]1,428051.4%0.0%35,278
Garet [PO]1,419051.4%0.0%15,945
NUTKI [PO]1,448051.3%0.0%53,081
Dejwit2 [PO]1,295049.5%0.0%45,075
oliwer823 [PO]1,243049.9%0.0%16,702
skoku12 [PO]1,345049.9%0.0%37,311
irold [PO]1,299053.2%0.0%38,459
adas149 [PO]1,261050.1%0.0%27,066
QuidynMan [PO]1,2251,59850.8%57.1%48,444
yung_michvl [PO]1,263050.4%0.0%22,533
MasazystaGoracejOwieczki [PO]1,230049.0%0.0%33,548
xiard [PO]1,127050.4%0.0%20,839
Wanilia [PO]1,001051.1%0.0%20,315
subolg68 [PO]898049.6%0.0%55,695
Weighted average1,59938652.2%10.6%33,473
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