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Players for clan PCSTB (1. československá samostatná tanková brigáda) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Buddy23 [PCSTB]2,7343,29959.5%68.5%76,042
Cingacguka [PCSTB]2,582058.4%0.0%54,716
jelenlsd [PCSTB]2,350057.6%0.0%22,523
TuropCZ [PCSTB]2,2672,67059.8%68.0%28,985
Robo22 [PCSTB]2,3192,32156.2%51.6%37,855
NinjaUltraKiller [PCSTB]2,149056.2%0.0%1,999
_Feeder_ [PCSTB]2,1142,46854.6%63.1%55,390
tomzel18 [PCSTB]1,997056.2%0.0%21,881
SC0RCH3r [PCSTB]2,070056.0%0.0%37,267
michall148 [PCSTB]1,8812,59156.1%64.2%15,794
Kitaqe [PCSTB]1,8931,88256.7%54.4%39,762
WaDio_RaWe [PCSTB]1,965055.0%0.0%20,602
lacika_dnb [PCSTB]1,9082,05953.4%51.5%23,726
Skrlis [PCSTB]1,8691,63655.2%54.9%40,510
Rozzyr [PCSTB]1,8691,45355.7%56.0%32,586
Deekei [PCSTB]1,742052.1%0.0%15,455
xxx_Vojta_2701 [PCSTB]1,7082,19152.9%53.8%24,620
mlan111 [PCSTB]1,7232,22352.7%55.4%39,230
D4arker [PCSTB]1,776053.2%0.0%28,302
namot [PCSTB]1,8361,37853.1%51.3%52,336
KOUCOVI [PCSTB]1,810052.1%0.0%39,073
Bananason [PCSTB]1,749052.6%0.0%41,975
Bubrik1990 [PCSTB]1,7042,77751.6%59.9%46,550
KrakonosK [PCSTB]1,5431,35952.4%52.9%31,561
Frank7 [PCSTB]1,700051.7%0.0%51,045
Mateorid_CZ_TEAM [PCSTB]1,6122,10852.6%54.2%7,022
GuzepeTurino22 [PCSTB]1,578053.3%0.0%28,930
NetrefilCZ [PCSTB]1,4601,43252.0%53.4%10,042
Vojna11 [PCSTB]1,096049.3%0.0%9,378
Kvak [PCSTB]1,10785148.6%45.5%47,088
Weighted average1,9351,30954.5%35.4%32,741
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