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Players for clan P-A-G (PanzerAnklopfGemeinschaft) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Drainmutant [P-A-G]2,4322,94056.4%60.1%23,349
9Armee [P-A-G]1,8992,14953.3%50.7%65,746
Stoeppi [P-A-G]1,8172,29952.7%57.6%37,135
Firefox2811 [P-A-G]1,6551,76853.8%54.4%48,198
bobx3 [P-A-G]1,5792,27551.1%58.1%26,078
azerstoerer [P-A-G]1,4152,77450.1%50.5%18,003
vaya94 [P-A-G]1,4381,92649.6%56.5%27,217
Der_Entzugs_Panzer [P-A-G]1,4272,47450.4%57.0%25,686
Iwann33 [P-A-G]1,4161,21549.3%51.9%53,560
RnG_Is_Not_With_You [P-A-G]1,3131,95150.3%50.0%30,851
Hotte3 [P-A-G]1,2861,45650.6%49.7%21,034
Die_Geisterdivision [P-A-G]1,3021,66950.9%51.8%22,898
xXNaschiXx [P-A-G]1,2911,21548.2%45.8%39,246
Haegar_der__Schreckliche [P-A-G]1,2071,13351.0%53.5%39,848
SpAcK [P-A-G]1,22386050.8%53.3%10,162
IRR3 [P-A-G]1,1871,66248.8%52.6%40,062
Schachti [P-A-G]1,168049.3%0.0%40,033
miniMe01 [P-A-G]1,138046.8%0.0%41,942
Bloody_Uruca [P-A-G]1,0481,19548.3%48.7%25,028
wasgeht3 [P-A-G]1,0961,13848.1%50.6%63,193
Whitebeard6699 [P-A-G]89794148.1%48.5%58,664
_The_Gohst_ [P-A-G]845048.3%0.0%20,263
silverryder [P-A-G]87048646.8%41.3%38,968
Weighted average1,3421,40050.0%45.2%35,528
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