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Players for clan P-A-F (Játsz és élvezd - Play and fun) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Baenre [P-A-F]1,9842,25354.5%54.7%27,632
Balintezredes2001 [P-A-F]1,606052.2%0.0%19,450
teringette [P-A-F]1,5971,50753.0%51.6%45,648
SASTIBI [P-A-F]1,582051.3%0.0%19,126
otejm70 [P-A-F]1,5542,02051.3%53.7%51,401
27krisz27 [P-A-F]1,600051.2%0.0%50,028
Koko_81 [P-A-F]1,4492,22252.1%52.6%33,905
Westhun [P-A-F]1,4971,54150.8%51.5%57,834
BITANG76 [P-A-F]1,426051.7%0.0%56,324
TheCompass [P-A-F]1,4091,17752.1%53.5%36,339
HUN_Radical [P-A-F]1,3111,11152.7%49.0%41,753
R3NS0 [P-A-F]1,340050.4%0.0%16,858
attilaxxl72 [P-A-F]1,2551,56152.1%52.3%44,833
edyson74 [P-A-F]1,2851,66350.2%48.0%44,819
Supi75 [P-A-F]1,163049.5%0.0%36,347
bricsi75 [P-A-F]1,0881,50749.1%46.0%31,755
donoris [P-A-F]1,133051.4%0.0%47,769
mocsi62 [P-A-F]1,007049.9%0.0%38,357
Killerpapa [P-A-F]1,002048.6%0.0%71,534
lacika974 [P-A-F]9651,05048.7%43.9%40,897
igazilostman [P-A-F]94698348.8%50.2%27,061
LostManHun [P-A-F]913048.3%0.0%30,299
vinti [P-A-F]90567750.9%49.2%38,432
LostManHF [P-A-F]89088148.4%46.9%24,305
PannonFront [P-A-F]886048.7%0.0%17,549
FeketeDoglottKutya [P-A-F]82575648.3%47.8%39,524
RedWarrantOfficerHUN [P-A-F]832049.1%0.0%16,423
kelevez13 [P-A-F]77190548.8%47.4%46,907
Weighted average1,23182650.5%30.0%37,611
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