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Players for clan ORCA (Orca) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Dumbbi [ORCA]2,328056.6%0.0%15,370
NovaSurge [ORCA]2,101057.4%0.0%11,960
Hexen [ORCA]1,8732,14157.0%63.7%23,866
rancidpunk [ORCA]1,8581,98754.1%53.7%47,017
schw22 [ORCA]1,875052.7%0.0%33,104
mjoork [ORCA]1,821053.7%0.0%10,951
Mud_plugger [ORCA]2,051058.0%0.0%3,582
Silverynipple [ORCA]1,768053.7%0.0%14,210
ASharpPencil [ORCA]1,8761,05553.8%45.1%40,735
sneakysmoka [ORCA]1,846052.8%0.0%26,246
ilikkae [ORCA]1,707058.2%0.0%4,890
Die007007 [ORCA]1,5321,87053.0%56.2%49,233
Tosteris [ORCA]1,6241,73753.9%56.4%32,631
Alaion [ORCA]1,543051.8%0.0%20,509
Tigarang [ORCA]1,479053.6%0.0%8,736
CorgTheBeast [ORCA]1,520054.0%0.0%34,292
BogRabov [ORCA]1,400052.0%0.0%16,598
Oaking [ORCA]1,466056.7%0.0%150
Snot_Shot [ORCA]1,338051.8%0.0%4,497
LoveBunny [ORCA]1,2301,33252.3%50.2%15,369
Frisi84 [ORCA]1,214050.3%0.0%13,104
ECTOR_LAR [ORCA]1,163050.2%0.0%24,130
1Rinse [ORCA]1,221050.5%0.0%27,495
Sgt_Halfblood [ORCA]1,199049.5%0.0%6,734
xxfz [ORCA]1,154048.3%0.0%16,391
Necrology [ORCA]1,000050.5%0.0%3,066
lejon6 [ORCA]1,078049.8%0.0%14,472
DeKnoop [ORCA]974051.0%0.0%4,790
limpa1975 [ORCA]978048.6%0.0%29,060
Weighted average1,57464552.8%20.4%19,075
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