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Players for clan OPFS (Ordinary People From Scandinavia) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
NyaApan [OPFS]2,5853,06157.8%57.0%22,662
__HarlekiN__ [OPFS]2,5552,90958.1%60.8%41,745
FrigginFrey [OPFS]1,9912,11155.0%56.7%32,999
Gustav_P [OPFS]2,1091,71459.6%60.7%21,722
simms [OPFS]1,8132,30754.5%57.9%67,930
HeavyMetalHead [OPFS]1,712052.6%0.0%35,841
BigFatty [OPFS]1,6381,61453.9%55.5%40,214
Tankstar [OPFS]1,494052.4%0.0%23,403
MiniAH [OPFS]1,406053.4%0.0%17,346
HoldMyBeer_ [OPFS]1,268049.7%0.0%15,315
OPFSToten [OPFS]1,27880051.0%46.5%29,617
lillkimpa [OPFS]1,290049.7%0.0%20,465
A_Niceguy [OPFS]1,2781,19950.9%48.9%36,304
Pellsson [OPFS]1,192051.6%0.0%9,252
bgood [OPFS]1,1901,61850.4%53.3%33,646
StrutsEGG [OPFS]1,112053.7%0.0%2,645
Mini_marksman [OPFS]1,0211,50349.6%53.9%9,551
shrek9ad [OPFS]74378449.2%50.7%21,355
TheVictoriaCross [OPFS]697051.0%0.0%14,028
Scalem [OPFS]709049.8%0.0%5,298
opfsmessias [OPFS]634047.7%0.0%4,289
Tanknova [OPFS]382049.0%0.0%2,190
Prylen [OPFS]250045.1%0.0%3,361
Weighted average1,5931,31553.2%38.6%22,225
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